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Transformation Processes and Hr Managers

Fortunately, the role of HR managers is evolving continuously, however, nowadays it is still difficult for them to face some challenges when leaders of companies envision for them strategic actions to be driven by them.

It is also true that professionals serving as HR have also evolved along the last decade and their functions have steadily grown with the development of human capital processes, enhanced business partnering and maturing systems capabilities together with a more data-driven function.

We need in the organizations change transformation agents and  where HR should play an important role in this function. Helping facilitate alignment between the organization’s strategy and the performance of the organization’s human capital. They should participate not only in changing and transforming organizations but also helping individuals to make changes and transformations that work for them.

We are in a continuous way facing new market challenges, new customer demands, adapting our way to manage talent in our organization and definitively looking for the formula for evolution and growth in an age of constant change. But also, searching individuals in the HR field that can help people build self-confidence, become more innovative and unlock their creativity.

HR professionals can help the leaders identify and overcome the barriers to change. Does being a HR manager mean you are not a leader? Of course not. They are the ones who should be leading people together with the organizations’ leaders. Helping them to make the coalition necessary to embrace changes in the organization. HR professionals will support the decisions of the CEO’s with insights and data. They will also give information about the employee’s and organization performance.

When we are immersed in transformations, conversations are politically and emotionally charged. It is in that moment when the role of HR acquires special importance. They must keep the right connections and stability inside the organization. They will be the facilitators of conversations, addressing the toughest issues in a way that leads to good decisions preserving adequate levels of trust.

When CEOs must take hard decisions in the companies, as laying off employees, HR managers play a very important role. They should help the team to discuss the business strategy and the company’s values through deep and thoughtful dialogue. Leaders must give a clear role to HR managers as change agents without forgetting that they can’t put the heads under the sand. Although HR function can fulfil completely the role of change agent, the maximum responsible for this transformation is under the CEO leadership.

If you don’t want to be part of the unsuccessful implementation of transformation in organizations don’t lose the support of the HR function in that exciting journey of changing.

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