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Leading Positively To Achieve Positive Results

Many organizations define as a priority Change Management and Leadership Development, but most of them fail in their goals for both activities. As these activities are completely linked to each other and they are not considered together, organizations fail with them.

However, leadership is not only in the hands and responsibility of the C-suite but also in all the manager levels in the organization.

Change initiatives that can require deviations in norms and behaviors will push managers to bring out the best of the leadership skills and it will make possible to face a successful culture change. It is very important that leaders draw on their own fundamental values and capabilities because this will permit them to move forward when they are facing changes in organizations.

Once the goals are clear and accepted, executives can identify potential leaders throughout the organization to engage in these leadership developments and change management processes. These may be executive team members, people in key positions, people who have shown a passion for this specific change, even people who are deemed to be “high potential,” or some combination of these characteristics.

People tend to stay within their comfort zones and they usually accept the influence of the environment to direct their behaviors and decisions. Nowadays changes are affecting extremely our lives and also the development of our organizations, so we cannot stay in a contemplative and comfort position but in a heightened sense of the events affecting us.

We need to move forward to achieve the goals, but, what kind of results do we want to obtain? The answer to this question will be determinant in the way we pursue the purpose we look for. Leaders must also focus on the collectivity interests above our own and paying attention to what kind of stimuli we are receiving from the external world to make the necessary changes without losing our adaptability, creativity and uniqueness.

It is important to point out that getting relevant results is coming from good habits. When we were kids we were told that goals were good but habits bad. Creating positive habits and routines will bring success and productivity that will enhance our results achieving finally our goals.

Contrary to what we hear in the popular press, most people experience resilience when facing adversity so we can affirm that people are resilient. Being resilient is  having the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and having an emotional regulation which means staying calm under pressure, controlling emotional responses to external events, with the ability to control behavior to achieve goals, having the right social support, reading other people’s cues to their emotional states,  believing things can change for the better focusing on what is controllable and making a change there, and  being flexible and accurate thinking about causes and implications will be determinant for a positive and transformational leadership.

It is not enough to be a productive leader, to get others follow you, you also need to be a resilient leader. Leaders must be an example of how they bounce back from events that can cause a deviation in the results of our organizations.

We can conclude that we need to be focus on results, internally directed and externally open to face the challenges business are bringing to us and above all with enough grit that finally make results come.

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