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Culture And Innovation

I will repeat once and again that we are in an age of changes. Changes that come fast and continuously. So, it is not a solution to change our products to follow the trends of the markets, fulfill the expectations of our customers, define the new trends or merely to enlarge our portfolios.

Your products, your services or your business models will come obsolete one day. Culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage. We will be successful if we are able to foster a culture of innovation inside of our organizations.

Culture are the norms and values that shape behaviors. They can be norms and values towards innovation or away of innovation. At the same time innovation is part of organizational changes and it is also in a continuous change. This is what can support organizations to be different from others.

For sure all said above at the end is influencing in the culture of organizations. It’s very important to have a culture and systems that facilitate taking ideas from the markets, the R&D  activities and other areas and applying them to the real. A strong corporate culture helps very much to develop innovation. Specifically, when we understand culture as a process. A process that implies different departments and individuals, even different organizations and nationalities. A process that will give to your managers and employees a grounding in how an organization works.

Top and senior executives in our organizations are a key driving factor for the capacity to innovate and transform a company which will determine the innovation culture for an organization. In the way these executives manage the process of innovation, how they face the adversities when they are transforming the organization it will make possible achieve the targets defined.

All these practices are key to establish the values and principles that will shape the corporate culture and jointly the innovation processes inside the organization.

Many companies task their employees with creating an innovation culture in their organizations. They try to influence on them to be more open with others sharing and exchanging ideas even results obtained from the actions implemented. Trying to create that culture, companies open ways to listen to innovative ideas pushing them forward and making sure that they are followed.

Companies work in teams to develop that innovation culture with the necessary trust, managing conflicts properly and assuming the commitment to achieve the results expected.

However nowadays most of the companies do not have an innovation strategy, do not have the organization adequate for innovation processes, no processes and therefore no key process indicators for innovation.

If we want to succeed innovation we also need to systematize developing a structured process for it. Companies with an innovation structured process are likely more successful than the others.

Culture is subject of transformation, transformation implies changes and innovation is a continuous change. 

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