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5 Tips To Go On Holidays

Are your holidays coming? You can start by following these easy tips.


1.- Make a list, relatively short, about the things that you must do in your last week before you go on holidays. Life doesn’t stop in that moment. You could get rid off some issues that were piled on your desk  and which don ‘t need any more attention.

2.- Don’t wait until the last moment for planning your holidays, making your reservations and travelling to the vacation destination.

3.- Agree with your boss on your out of office the necessity of accessibility. If you can avoid this, much better.

4.- Email: to check or not to check. You can define if you can devote time per week on holidays to check your mails. If you can do it without interfering in your mood, your holidays with your family, friends and your couple, then you can do it. Look for some time that you don’t bother anyone.

5.- Ease your mind and put aside your worries while on your break. Don’t concern about the amount of work that will await you when you return.


Happy Holidays!!!!

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